Navajo Nation President & Vice-President Candidates
Ahił Na’anish
Working Together | Our focus in this campaign is education through our Diné Way of Life Teaching. This teaching allows our youth to determine and manage their future with respect to our elders. We need to be an example and practice a life that emulates all Diné values, while caring and putting into play responsible laws and practices that promote accountable uses of our lands. We plant to bring hope and be a voice of reason for our Diné people. With my family, we will initiate a balanced approach on Diné teaching with contemporary living.
T’áá Awółí Bee Ánit'į́
Do Your Best | Now that the Navajo Nation is commemorating the 150th year of the signing of the Navajo Treaty of 1868, we truly believe it is time to unify our people through Diné teachings with a focus on the future that embraces the resilience of our ancestors. It will be our mission to provide the necessary resources for a change that all can share. As our people grow stronger, we will make positive strides for the Navajo Nation. It will be this generation that will transform the Navajo Nation to a land of opportunity and hope for all By investing in our Diné people, we will invest in our future.
Respecting Values | Team NEZ4PREZ needs your help. We are looking for street team members post flyers, seek donations and organize our meet and greet events. Volunteerism has been a mainstay of Jonathan and Phefelia's public service to the Navajo people.


Moving Forward – Nez-Lizer Transition Team Established

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – On Nov. 6, 2018, the Navajo people went to the voting polls and overwhelming casted their ballots in support of Jonathan Nez and Myron Lizer for the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President. Unofficial results show that the Nez-Lizer team received 39,783 votes while their opponents received 20,146 votes in Tuesday’s general election. President-elect Nez and Vice President-elect Lizer will take the oath of office during an inauguration ceremony on Jan. 8, 2019. Details of the inauguration ceremony are forthcoming.

Only two days after the election, President-elect Nez announced on Thursday the establishment of an official transition team to oversee the transfer of office in the coming weeks.

“We cannot thank our supporters enough. We are very grateful for your support and encouragement along the way. Our people have entrusted us to be their leaders for the next four years, and we are not wasting any time moving forward with a transition plan that is responsible, efficient, and transparent,” Nez stated. He also stated that the Nez-Lizer team will host six appreciation luncheons in different regions of the Navajo Nation in honor and appreciation of their supporters. Dates and times of the luncheons will be provided soon.

Due to overwhelming interest and inquiries during the campaign and following the general election, President-elect Nez said the transition team will begin accepting letters of interest and resumes immediately.

“We encourage anyone that is interested to submit their information, and that includes young Navajo professionals who want to come home and help our people,” added President-elect Nez. “We are off to an exciting new start and we invite you to be a part of our team – Unity, Hope, and Resilience!

Letters of interest and resumes may be submitted to Christopher Bahe by email at Christopher Bahe will also serve as the point of contact for the Nez-Lizer transition team. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bahe at (480) 518-2137.